Primitive and flexible state management for React


If you don't want async atoms to suspend or throw to an error boundary (for example, for finer-grained control of loading and error logic), you can use the loadable util.

It would work the same way for any atom. Simply wrap your atoms with the loadable util. It returns a value with one of three states: loading, hasData and hasError.

state: 'loading' | 'hasData' | 'hasError',
data?: any,
error?: any,
import { loadable } from "jotai/utils"
const asyncAtom = atom(async (get) => ...)
const loadableAtom = loadable(asyncAtom)
// Does not need to be wrapped by a <Suspense> element
const Component = () => {
const [value] = useAtom(loadableAtom)
if (value.state === 'hasError') return <Text>{value.error}</Text>
if (value.state === 'loading') {
return <Text>Loading...</Text>
console.log( // Results of the Promise
return <Text>Value: {}</Text>