Primitive and flexible state management for React


  • Text Length example Open in CodeSandbox

    Count the length and show the uppercase of any text.

  • Hacker News example Open in CodeSandbox

    Demonstrate a news articles with Jotai, hit next to see more articles.

  • Todos example Open in CodeSandbox

    Record your todo list by typing them into this app, check them if you have completed the task, and switch between Completed and Incompleted to see the status of your task.

  • Todos example with atomFamily and localStorage Open in CodeSandbox

    Implement a todo list using atomFamily and localStorage, you can store your todo list to localStorage by click Save to localStorage, then remove your todo list and restore them by click Load from localStorage.

  • Clock with Next.js Open in CodeSandbox

    An UTC time eletronic clock implement using Next.js and Jotai.

  • Tic Tac Toe game Open in CodeSandbox

    A game of tic tac toe implemented with Jotai.

  • React Three Fiber demo Open in CodeSandbox

    A simple demo to use Jotai with react-three-fiber